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Esports Marketing Experts

So many are quick to tout themselves as “esports experts,” when so few can actually back it up. What has become a catchall word nowadays – esports – is so much more nuanced. Such as, what’s the difference between esports and gaming & entertainment, and which space is actually right for you?

Like traditional sports marketing, it takes real experts to authentically connect your brand to the right fan. We’re those experts, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to understanding the best approach and crafting the right campaign for your brand.


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Proven Track Record

We’re one of the few that can boast numerous esports campaigns with the likes of top-tier companies, championship professional teams and players, and leading properties – we’ve worked with them all. And with all the right connections, yet beholden to no one, you’re guaranteed a customized approach just for you.

Untapped Potential

While there are still so many who say they don’t “get it,” we say it doesn’t matter. Esports isn’t going anywhere. Quite the contrary, it’s growing at unprecedented levels. Just scratching the surface of its marketing potential, esports is piquing the interest of endemic and non-endemic brands looking to tap into a passionate audience ready and willing to support those who support them.

Knowing the audience

More than most, esports fans know how important sponsors are to the growth of the community. They’re quick to reward the real supporters and shun those just in it for the money. We’ve shown time and again we know how to craft the right campaign that authentically engages and heightens the fan experiences, proving a brand’s one of the community’s own.


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