CASE STUDY: Ballast Point


Program Overview


To launch the new Fathom IPA, Ballast Point wanted to reach the right types of beer drinkers. They identified a large cross-section of their target consumer as both anglers and avid gamers. To create meaningful content that resonated with that audience, Ballast Point enlisted LunkersTV (Rob Terkla) and BASSHERS (Hector Rodriguez) to promote their tasty new brew.

Rob and Hector did just that. In late 2017, the two set out for a day of fishing and content creation with a six pack of Fathom IPA in-tow. They disseminated their content over the course of a week, leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, and their audiences embraced the new partnership.

Bringing a fresh new face to the mix, Ballast Point hit the ground running with esports enthusiasts and fishing fans alike – helping generate buzz outside the traditional beer drinking audience.

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