CASE STUDY: Turtle Wax


Program Overview

In 2016, Turtle Wax was searching for a way to engage the next generation of car care consumers and noticed that the key demographic – males 16-34 – embody the esports community.

Turtle Wax partnered with OpTic Gaming – the premier name in esports – for a content-driven narrative, organically integrating Turtle Wax into the busy (and vehicle-obsessed) lifestyles of the world’s best gamers.

Taking over the legendary crew’s massive garage ensured organic content for the length of the partnership. Wrapping Crimsix’s Porsche GT4 gave TW authenticity with the fans. Partnering with Major League Gaming and Dexerto created the face-to-face connection the brand needed to drive authentic fan engagements from an event and digital standpoint.

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Social Media Impressions

Organic Social Media Engagements

Impressions from Earned National Interviews at Launch

My Summer and My GT4

Crimsix shows off his Porsche Cayman GT4 and Turtle Wax wrap inspired by his very own controller.